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Tributes & Testimonials

Tributes from our clients and friends

PainterWhen I got Painter (Border Collie), I knew that I wanted to have a well-trained and obedient dog. I enrolled in Basic Obedience with Tim, and in no time at all Tim had US well-trained! Tim’s guidance, availability and natural talent with dog training made the experience fun for both of us. I am so happy with my choice that I would recommend Tim to anyone looking to do any type of training with their dog. His knowledge and practical suggestions helped me achieve my goals with Painter while allowing him to continue to enjoy his time training and grow into a confident dog.

He taught me to be patient and to stay positive and focused even on the bad days, but most of all he gave me the confidence to deal with whatever Painter threw my way. I had an enthusiastic puppy with great eye contact and attention on me, but I lacked a consistent way of applying this to my advantage. Consequently, we had an unruly pup. He mouthed at my hands and turned a deaf ear. In short, his obedience was poor, to say the least. I had been attempting to wish, and negotiate with my pup, which was confusing to the dog, and wasting my time.

Painter is now quiet (reasonably), well socialized (very), well behaved (most of the time) and so gentle that even my non-dog friends are comfortable around him. Painter and I learned an incredible amount - both about basic commands and about how to communicate and interact with each other. Tim is a very clear, patient and enthusiastic trainer of dogs and humans. We both thank Tim greatly for his time, patience, and support.

~Teresa B., February 2011

Darcy and Family We have never had a dog as a family pet before so we knew when we got our puppy that we would need some help training him. We wanted a dog that would be well-behaved and would listen to our commands.

After reading books, trying group dog training lessons, and listening to too many people tell us how to do it, we were confused and anxious. And then I saw Tim's business card at the local veterinary office and called him. It was the best thing that we ever did.

Tim eased all of our anxieties immediately. It was great to have Tim come into our environment and teach our entire family how to train Darcy. Tim's training methodology is easy to follow and "it just makes sense." Tim is very patient with dogs and their owners and he has a knack for gently telling you how to improve your training techniques.

Our training sessions were very relaxed and enjoyable and training Darcy has become a great way for our family to spend time together.

We would recommend Tim to anyone that is looking for assistance in training their dog. In fact, through our training sessions with Tim, we have developed a level of trust in him that makes us comfortable leaving our beloved dog in his capable hands when we go away. Thank you for all your help, Tim! The Radauskas Family

~Michelle R., May 2011

There is no other place like the Tail Waggin Dog Ranch. When you arrive you’re greeted by the very friendly Wendy and Tim who instantly seem how to support you and your dog. In our case we have a high anxiety girl who is usually stuck to me like glue. However when we arrived at the ranch it was pretty clear she felt comfortable right away. Each of her “roommates” were introduced to her one at a time to familiarize her and make her feel like part of the group. Tim and Wendy do an amazing job of identifying key behaviours between the dogs and learn really quick who is best suited to play with whom. After touring me around the 14 acre facility (while my dog got to mingle with her new friends) and showcasing some of the incredible features the ranch currently offers (more great stuff in progress!) I knew our girl would be happy during her stay.

Wendy and Tim did a brilliant job of communicating how our dog was doing during her stay by posting fun pics each and every day for us to view. This is a big deal to our family and the kids really appreciated knowing that their dog was having as much fun as they were on vacation.

>From start to finish the ranch provided everything and more our dog needed. She is on a specialized diet routine and we were thrilled to see that she had lost over 5lbs from all of her trail walks and play time.

It’s an experience every pet will love and every dog owner will appreciate.

Thanks Wendy and Tim for such an awesome experience!

Rebecca & Dan Leonardes

We've taken our dog to other places and she was in a cage by herself most of the time. We love that our Rosie is never in a cage at the Tail Waggin' Dog Ranch and that the dogs are never left alone. Wendy & Tim are so kind & introduce the dogs to each other one at a time. Perfect for timid dogs. They get lots of exercise on their property & Rosie always comes home ready for a nap. The dogs go in their home to sleep at night on the couch, floor, wherever; just like being at home. We also appreciate that all the staff are trained in pet first aid. When we drop Rosie off we know she is in great hands with her "Ranch family".

The Poirier's

We have been with Tim & Wendy for a while now. They have created an amazing service for families. The whole concept of their business is creating a happy home like environment for the family dog. Our dog Izzie has spent a huge amount of time with them. She is treated with the best care I believe she could receive from a kennel. They can run and play freely with other dogs under close supervision.

The way they run this service is great, they offer many extras that other companies do not or there is always an extra charge for. Our family dog is extremely happy when she sees them arrive and is ready to go with no hesitation. When she returns home, she is just as excited to see us. The communication from them is at best, if there for any reason was an incident or behaviour issues or just something awesome that happened we are informed in detail of the event. All the little extras that Tim & Wendy have put into this company really show, they make it an extremely easy decision to board with them.

We have referred many of our friends and family to them, they all agree that the ranch is the only choice for their families. We are so happy we have found people we can trust and continue to give us the service we need for our family. Our family truly appreciates all that they do for us and our dog to make it feel like a second home.
Thank you

Carrie & Stephen Miron

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