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Welcome to Tail Waggin' Dog Ranch

What makes Tail Waggin’ Dog Ranch different?



  • We want your dog to be just as comfortable here as he/she is in your home.
  • All guests enjoy ample exercise and attention with our friendly and caring staff.
  • Our property offers 14 acres of trails and ravines, where your dog gets to run and play.
  • Management lives onsite to ensure the safety of our guests
  • Socialization specialist on site.
  • Our play groups are divided based on your dog's temperament and size, not their breed.
  • Safe, caring, friendly environment.
  • Flexible drop off and pickup times within hours of operation.
  • ALL INCLUSIVE PRICING - walks, treats, socialization and cuddle time is at no extra cost.

Our Clients

Read what our clients say on the Tributes & Testimonials page.

PainterWhen I got Painter (Border Collie), I knew that I wanted to have a well-trained and obedient dog. I enrolled in Basic Obedience with Tim, and in no time at all Tim had US well-trained! Tim’s guidance, availability and natural talent with dog training made the experience fun for both of us. I am so happy with my choice that I would recommend Tim to anyone looking to do any type of training with their dog. His knowledge and practical suggestions helped me achieve my goals with Painter while allowing him to continue to enjoy his time training and grow into a confident dog.

He taught me to be patient and to stay positive and focused even on the bad days, but most of all he gave me the confidence to deal with whatever Painter threw my way. I had an enthusiastic puppy with great eye contact and attention on me, but I lacked a consistent way of applying this to my advantage. Consequently, we had an unruly pup. He mouthed at my hands and turned a deaf ear. In short, his obedience was poor, to say the least. I had been attempting to wish, and negotiate with my pup, which was confusing to the dog, and wasting my time.

Painter is now quiet (reasonably), well socialized (very), well behaved (most of the time) and so gentle that even my non-dog friends are comfortable around him. Painter and I learned an incredible amount - both about basic commands and about how to communicate and interact with each other. Tim is a very clear, patient and enthusiastic trainer of dogs and humans. We both thank Tim greatly for his time, patience, and support.

~Teresa B., February 2011

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